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New Product launched Check Work Page !!!


We have latest release of Data Engine, Now you can have better business Analytic reporting and Account Automation of your organization.

about : CARTMEN

*CARTMEN* is an group of People who are more focused and Passionate. The People who puts their extra effort and generate innovative Solutions.

CARTMEN - TECHNOLOGIES is an group of IT peoples who are focused on providing innovative and quality products and services to deliver consistently high-quality solutions in the orbit of Service & Software solutions. CARTMEN implements IT-Infrastructure solutions for small medium businesses and Corporate. We help clients to improve the efficiency of operations, realize long-term savings on their IT investment, and enjoy increased competitive advantage in today's global and electronic markets.

CARTMEN - CANDY is an group of women who makes COTTON or SUGAR candy and sale them. CARTMEN provide them a Brand name and proper guidance for production and packaging. CARTMEN also help them to set up production unit.

CARTMEN - PUBLICITY is an group of people who focused on very unique way of publicity in INDIA we do publicity and promotion by using "CART". In INDIA vegetable seller sales vegetable on cart we use those carts and put various publicity and promotion media on them and trained a vegetable seller for professional promotion.

CARTMEN - RETAIL is group of people who solved a major problem i.e. Lake of time for day to day life. Lots of people faces problem like stuck in TRAFFIC JAM, waiting for long time in a QUEUE at malls, People faces such issues when they go for retail purchasing. We provide Door Step Retail Solution Now you just have to call and place order for you retail products. This is as simple as you order a pizza. Visit Us @ " GharBazar "

The ultimate AIM to start
CARTMEN is to share knowledge of best professionals and provide best possible, reliable, Effective and unmatchable solutions.

about : WORK

  • Business Intelligence tools.
  • Monitoring Over Existing Solution, Customize Reporting, Intelligence Alert System etc.
  • In House and Highly customizable Solutions.
  • Now no need to follow the standards of software vendor you create your own and sale.
  • Educational System For IT professional.
  • Update your IT Engineers by using our Educational Programs and prepare them to Implement new solution for you and save money.
  • Smart Consultation.
  • Take our consultation and know the impact before actual implementation, well define effect and their graphical representation.
  • Clients Programs.
  • Register with us and get instance help or support for any Query.

    about : TEAM

  • Level-4 Employee
  • (System and Server Level Engineer, Testing) 2+ Year of Exp.
  • Level-3 Employee
  • (Redhate, Linux, Open source, Networking, SAP) 7+ Year of Exp.
  • Level-2 Employee
  • (Microsoft, IT Professional, Microsoft Technology Development) 9+Year of Exp.
  • Top Managers and Level-1 Employee
  • (Computer Science, Microsoft, Open Source, Virtualization, Designing Solution (Adobe, Autodesk, Web Designing, UI Tools), Development, Consultant, Certified forensic Expert, Architect dept. (Virtualization, Microsoft Technology, Open Source Technology, Solution), Training and Education Dept.) 4+ Year of Exp.
  • Head of Teams
  • (Database Administrator, Development, ERP Management, Software Solution and BI Tools, Training and Education Dept.) 8+ Year of Exp.
  • Executive Managers
  • (Master In Computer Application, Database Administrator, Microsoft, Open Source, Virtualization, Development, Consultant, IT Architect, Solution Designer, ERP management, Web Designing, Training and Education Dept.) 10+ Year of Exp.